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ABOUT graphic designer and marketing

Throughout my professional career in marketing + graphic design, I have designed logos, branding packages, business cards, presentations, brochures, booklets, ads and web sites, created copy for marketing materials, translated English-Spanish content, among other valuable and related experience.

When it comes to logo development and branding, my creative style is expressed through the latest trends in flat design as I have developed many unique, meaningful and successful logos worldwide for companies in diverse industries.

Below you will find a few website samples that have implemented my designed logo:

Through the online graphic design platform 99designs, I have designed many logos and have done brand identity projects among Australia, Canada, Mexico, United States and several countries in Europe for a wide range of sectors including Business, Education, Energy, Financial, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Medical, Non-for-Profit, Political, Real Estate, Technology and Transportation.

To view my portfolio and top-rated customer reviews in 99designs, just visit:

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